Landscape Art & Murals

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I am inspired by Phillip Island and the Bass Coast region. I’m passionate about art tourism.

I paint in a Hyper Impressionist style, sourcing my subjects from photographs I have taken on location. Then I apply photoshop techniques to enhance the images evoking emotions, before I paint them.

Mural pocket park, Palm Plaza Dandenong.



Above: Catamarans and Sunset in Coronet Bay. Sold


Above: San Remo Sunrise, acrylic on policotton 2019


Above: The Nobbies with Sunburst, Phillip Island. 2019

Below: Coronet Bay at sunset, acrylic on policotton 2019.


50A50E83-4D93-4312-B4FF-745562B903F1Above: Edge of Western Port, acrylic on policotton. 2019 Sold

Below: Corinella foreshore at 7.30am with storm front over Philip Island. acrylic on policotton 2019.


Below: George Bass Coastal Walk, the hidden gem, San Remo. Acrylic on policotton 2019



Above: Land, Water & Sky, Cape Woolamai. 2019, Acrylic on policotton

Below: Sunset and Coronet Bay. Sold



Above & Below: Sunset, Western Port Bay, below sold



Above: The distant Nobbies, Ventnor, Phillip Island. 2019

Below: Sunset, 2019




2 Above: Bush Trail & Mini Sunset, 2019

I have been a finalist in 2 prestigious contemporary landscape art prizes.

The Fleurieu landscape art prize 2000 & the John Leslie landscape art prize 2004.


will transform your space into a landscape masterpiece.

    I live in Coronet Bay South East of Melbourne,

on the east side of Western Port Bay.

Video below: Panorama of mural in Pocket Park, Palm Plaza, Dandenong

I’m inspired by the Romantics, French Impressionists, Heidelberg School and Australian modern landscape artists. Producing high quality fine art commissions & murals of the natural world.

I can paint on your wall any size or surface internal or external walls, or on a canvas of all sizes.

Your painting or mural could be your favourite holiday destination, a place that is of your families origins or simply a place close to your heart.

You can contact me on:

Copyright Baden Johnson 2019

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