Landscape Art & Murals

My recent work is based around the way we perceive the world with a 21st century perspective. We view our world through multiple windows a windscreen of a car, television and our electronic devices. I call them “window paintings” they explore the cosmos of time and space from my perspective. From sunsets, moments in time and the recent bushfires.

          Below: Windows into Time & Space on the 18/19 Feb. 2020, French island          bushfires


Above: Windows into Time & Space on the 31/12/2019. Celebration and Devastation.

Below: Firey Firey Night.




I have been a finalist in 2 prestigious contemporary landscape art prizes.

The Fleurieu landscape art prize 2000 & the John Leslie landscape art prize 2004.

I have started a new website:

for an art tourism project, based around street art, performance, cultural identity and nostalgia.

Video below: Panorama of mural in Pocket Park, Palm Plaza, Dandenong

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