Murals and landscape Art



Above: Coronet Bay at Sunset, acrylic on policotton.1C71F3F9-39BD-44DF-9198-D1BB31596628

The rivers edge, acrylic on linen


Misty morning, acrylic on linen.

Baden has been a finalist in 2 prestigious contemporary landscape art prizes.

The Fleurieu landscape art prize 2000 & the John Leslie landscape art prize 2004.

He will transform your space into a landscape masterpiece.


Video below: Panorama of mural in Pocket Park, Palm Plaza, Dandenong



Baden Is inspired by the Romantics, French Impressionists, Heidelberg School and Australian modern landscape artists. Producing high quality landscape murals & fine art commissions of the natural world.

I can paint on your wall any size or surface internal or external walls.

I can paint the mural in your home or place of business, let me paint your favourite place on Earth (natural world).

It could be your favourite holiday destination, a place that is of your families origins or simply a place close to your heart.

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